“VIP LOGISTIC" OOD (Ltd.) is a Bulgarian company with many years of experience in international transport and forwarding. The company specializes in international and regional freight-forwarding and shipping in Europe. Our objective is to provide our customers with individual and fully tailored transport services. "VIP LOGISTIC" Ltd. is a company built by a young and energetic team, our highly trained and motivated professionals will find solutions for every freight and transport task.

We offer you a long-term partnership based on professionalism and honesty, with the commitment that your load will always arrive intact and just in time at your or your customers’ locations.

We have our own fleet of large-capacity, heavy vehicles with the possibility of transporting long cargoes. We have contractual relationships with local and foreign transport companies that have proved their accuracy, loyalty and professionalism, having modern fleet maintenance and guaranteeing quality storage and delivery for our customers.

The forwarding activity of the company covers domestic and international transportation. Our carriers transport goods on established destinations and are prepared for their specific features. We also provide temporary storage of incoming and outgoing group shipments to facilitate the handling of your cargoes.

We have an individual approach to each client. We offer transport services that create the optimal conditions for your business development. We guarantee complex solutions for all transport and warehousing handling of the goods. We also perform information activities, guidance and control actions. We will advise you professionally for the most efficient mode of transportation, depending on the type of cargo.

Our 24-hour internal GPS communications with each truck ensure quick reference to the exact location of the load at any specific moment in time.

The experience of VIP LOGISTIC Ltd. in logistics and forwarding saves you time and money, while you focus on your business priorities. We offer you not only the storage, loading and transportation of your goods, but also the storage and management of your information.

The professionalism of our transport and forwarding team works to the benefit of our customers. We will provide you with competent consulting services on any and all issues in the field of our business and related transport documents. You can rely on our excellent experts in the spheres of: transportation, commercial operations and insurance. The flexible policy of our team will offer you an optimal financial solution for each transportation task.

Whenever you need transportation of huge machines - the solution is "VIP logistic".

"VIP Logistic" OOD is a company dealing with shipment and transportation of all kinds of construction and agricultural machines, machines with great height, length and weight.

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