Stationary Immpackt crusher Mannsberger – Austria

Manufacturer: Mannsberger Austria (Fine Shredder)

Production Type: Mannsberger GL 120 NSA 1200 x 1000 rotary crusher

Inlet hole of the Impackt crusher 1025 x 1000 mm. (Recommended maximum size of the input material 120 mm. With an output of 0.10 mm)

Rotor diameter 1000 mm. rotor width 1200 mm.

Productivity up to 150-250 tons per hour depending on the composition and structure, and the size of the input and output material

El. 110 kW motor. + electrical panel commanding the installation

Massive metal structure standing on metal legs at a height of 2000 mm.

Metal construction with vibration absorbing pads and electric winch for easy operation of the crusher when changing consumables (hammers and plates)