The McCloskey Tripledecks (TD) boast an array of features and benefits which elevate the models above all the competitors in its class. The S190 TD has the highest combined true screening area across three decks, whilst the S130 TD has comparable production capacity to its competitor’s larger models at a far more cost effective price.


This class leading screening area, along with it high energy screening action (combination of optimised screenbox weight, shaft speed, and screen amplitude dynamics) ensure that the McCloskey Tripledeck models are the superior choice in aggregate material screening.


The McCloskey Tripledeck models are uniquely produced with a cross conveyor, and a fully hydrualic fold fourth conveyor as standard. This reduces set up time, the need for lifting equipment, and prevents damage or bending when moving the machine, or when setting up with manual lifting gear.


With quality components throughout, the McCloskey Tripledecks offer a reliable solution to the demands of customers application needs.



- Hydraulic folding 4th conveyor

- Radial conveyor positioning allows for multiple height and angle options.

- Highly Aggressive 20×5 (1600x1524mm) 3-deck screenbox

- Provides the highest product capacity in its class.

- Hydraulic Screenbox linkage system

- Allows greater accessibility for screen change, and enables optimum screen coverage at varying screenbox angles.

- Cross Conveyor

- Cross conveyor replaces conventional chute and eliminates spillage and blockages.

- Additional Features – Roll in bogie

- Roll in bogie on track units.

- Additional Features – Shredder

- Additional Features – Feeder Extension

- Feeder extension of 3ft (915mm) with capacity increased to 13.5yd³.