McCloskey S130 Screener

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The McCloskey S130 High Energy Screener is used across a wide range of applications, including aggregate, coal, crusher circuits and wood chips. The S130 screener is renowned for its fine sand screening and is impressing customers worldwide with its production capacities. With the S130, you get class-leading S-Range features like the aggressive High Energy Screenbox and user-friendly operation. The S130’s unique size is designed to meet demands of operators who require significantly more screening capacity than a 10′ or 11′ screenbox, but may not require the higher capacity of a 20′ plant. The S130 screener is also available as a Triple Deck and boasts an array of features and benefits which elevate the models above all the competitors in its class. The S130 TD has comparable production capacity to its competitor’s larger models at a far more cost effective price.


130 HP (97 kW)
Screenbox Top Deck
4270mm (14′) x 1524mm (5′)
Screenbox Bottom Deck
3660mm (12′) x 1524mm (5′)
Main Conveyor Belt Width
1050mm (42″)
Stockpile Height Tail Conveyor
3871mm (12′ – 8″) – Track Model, 4139mm (13'-7")- Wheel Model
Stockpile Height Side Conveyor
4600mm (15'-1") - Track Model, 4870mm (15' - 11") - Wheel Model